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All haIl the queen

Ean: 9781452166735
Editorial: Chronicle Books
Nº Páginas: 136
Fecha de edición: 2019
Materia(s): Corner
All haIl the queen "Twenty women who ruled"
Orkia Lewis, Jennifer

Discover twenty true stories of royal intrigue, power, and passion, brought to life through the gorgeous illustrations of Jennifer Orkin Lewis and the witty words of Shweta Jha. From Cleopatra to Empress Wu Zetian, Marie Antoinette to Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii, these extraordinary female monarchs from all over the world have captured imaginations throughout the ages. With a deluxe foil-spangled two-piece case, this elegant and diverse celebration of women in charge makes the perfect Mother's Day or go-to girlfriend gift for the queen in our lives.