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The feminist reason

Ean: 9788493331139
Editorial: Aconcagua Publishing
Nº Páginas: 380
Fecha de edición: 2008
Primera edición: 1994
Materia(s): Corner
The feminist reason
Falcón, Lidia

In this work, an abridged version of the two volumes of the original version of La Razón Feminista, the author – Lidia Falcón - carries out an exhaustive analysis of the material causes for the exploitation of women throughout time and in all societies. Using a Marxist methodology and drawing on the data collected by anthropologists, historians and economists, Lidia Falcón unveils the laws that rule the reproductive process of the workforce, the reproduction relationship between men and women, the exploitation of women in relation to sexuality, reproduction and the productive workforce. Exploring primitive reproduction theories, that reinforced the scientific misogyny in biology, in gynaecology and in obstetrics, Lidia Falcón takes us on a long and extensive journey through human reproduction. The suffering of women in their often scorned reproductive role is thoroughly examined. A suffering that has been belittled by doctors as wells as by historians, philosophers and economists, who have similarly belittled the value of their production: the offspring, as a labour force that moves the world, as servants and heirs of the father. In this book you will find both an analysis and a complete synthesis of everything that one should know about feminine exploitation.